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Getting Started with the Pololu Maestro Servo Controller

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For the most part, it mirrors information that is already available on our website, but in a format that is easy to read into a computer program. As an example, click here to view the API data for the 3pi robot. It looks basically like this:. Most importanly, this means that the data includes links to other API requests, so you can explore the data without constantly consulting the API documentation.

The Pololu API is intended for importing large amounts of data into your own database. Typical uses might be:. It should be okay to send a series of several queries as quickly as the server can respond to them, but the API is not fast or reliable enough for real-time use on a live website, so you should be running these queries and updates as background tasks.

Also, security restrictions make it impossible for web pages to query the API directly with Javascript, but see the demos folder for a way to get around this for testing purposes.

pololu code

While we make an effort to ensure that the API data is accurate, there is a possibility for bugs or human error to introduce mistakes. If you rely on the data being correct, you are doing so at your own risk. We recommend checking all data returned by the API before using it in your own system. To get access to the API, please email us a request.

pololu code

We will set you up with an API key, which is a long hexadecimal number displayed on your account page. Do not share your API key with anyone outside of your team. Future updates to the API may give you the ability to place orders or make other requests using your API key, so it is important to keep it private.

If you would like to reset or cancel your key, please let us know. While this is not required, it is a standard security precaution to reduce the risk of cross-site scripting attacks. YAML is a human-readable data exchange format. We do not recommend this format for automatic processing, but it might be useful for debugging or for tracking changes with text-based diffs.

CSV is a very limited data format provided for use with spreadsheets. Long strings containing newlines like web pages are particularly difficult to handle with CSV and in typical spreadsheet software, so we recommend limiting the fields if you need to use CSV see "Sparse fieldsets", below.

Note: Some versions of Microsoft Excel are only capable of handling multi-line fields in a CSV if you save the data as a. Doing a "text import" from within Excel will cause data corruption. Some requests return long lists of entries; these lists are paginated to reduce load on the servers and make it possible for you to get a result for each request in a reasonable amount of time.

Pagination is described in the JSON API documentation ; basically, you use the next link provided in each result to go to the next page.

Using sparse fieldsets, as described in the next section, will sometimes allow you to load more records on each page. The Pololu API uses the optional numerical arguments page[limit] and page[offset] to specify the number of items per page and the initial offset.

In many applications you will only be interested in a few of the fields we have available, so downloading the entire API result is a waste of time. For example, this query fetches the pricing, name, and main picture of the 3pi:.

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6.7. Sample Code

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The Arduino is a popular prototyping platform that is well suited for beginners to the world of embedded programming. The drawback is that software serial requires much more processing time than hardware serial. In the following examples, we use the SoftwareSerial library to transmit bytes on digital pin 4 and receive bytes on digital pin 3.

These examples are written for Arduino 1. Auto baud rate detection can be used, but it is not recommended because of inaccuracy in the SoftwareSerial library. This example assumes the following connections exist between the Arduino and the Simple Motor Controller:. See Section 4. This program demonstrates how to initiate serial communication with the Simple Motor Controller and how to send commands to set the motor speed. For information about the serial commands used by this sample code, refer to Section 6.

Note that the Simple Motor Controller must be powered when this Arduino sketch starts running. This program demonstrates how to initiate serial communication with the Simple Motor Controller and how to send commands to set the motor speed, read variables, and change the temporary motor limits. It will be more interesting if you have input power and a motor connected to your Simple Motor Controller see Section 4. Print Email a friend Feeds. Physical operations are reduced to a skeleton crew, so for critical requirements, including fighting COVID, please contact us so we can identify priorities.

Click here for more info. Arduino Examples Next: 6. Sample Code Arduino R3, top view. Log In.The RoboClaw uses encoders as part of a feedback system that allow control of motor speed and position. Many motors include encoders as part of the assembly. This instructions in this Application Note apply to all of the motor and quadrature encoder combinations in this series.

Beyond basic wiring of the encoder there are a few things to know about how encoders work.

pololu code

As you may have noticed each encoder has two outputs. All quadrature encoders have two output channels often labeled A and B. The signal coming from these outputs are a pulse train of square waves. Each pulse corresponds to one mark on the encoder disk, this is what is counted by the quadrature decoder on the RoboClaw. The outputs from both channels are out of phase from each other by 90 degrees.

Quadrature encoders are rated by the number of output pulses per revolution, this is the number of pulses that will be output every time the shaft completes one full turn. The encoder used in this Application Note provides 48 counts per revolution and coupled with the gearbox the encoder outputs counts per revolution.

The higher the number of counts per revolution the more precise the control of the gearbox, which means that the motor controller will be able to more precisely control the position or velocity of the motor. A problem that will often be encountered when dealing with encoders is electrical noise.

Noise can appear on the encoder output lines due to external signals that are nearby or due to improper filtering at the encoder. When noise appears on an encoder output the decoder will often count noise spikes as encoder counts and cause problems with the motor controller maintaining velocity and position control.

Keeping the encoder lines away from other wires, particularly those carrying large amounts of power or rapidly changing signals, helps to reduce noise as does keeping the encoder output wires as short as possible.

To make connecting the various wires to the appropriate locations on the RoboClaw the wiring will be divided up in to 3 pairs of wires and a 2 pin connector added to each pair. Identify the existing wiring pairs based on the table below. Each of these pair will be place in to a 2 pin connector.

Remove the existing connector from the wiring harness by lifting up the small tab holding in each wire and pulling the wires out one by one.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together.

Join them to grow your own development teams, manage permissions, and collaborate on projects. Arduino library for the Pololu QTR reflectance sensors. Arduino library for Pololu LSM boards. Tools for cross-compiling standalone applications using Nix. Tic Stepper Motor Controller library for Arduino. Library to help interface with the on-board hardware of Pololu A-Star 32U4 controllers.

Pololu Wixel Software Development Kit. Documentation and example code for the Pololu website API. Skip to content. Sign up. Type: All Select type. All Sources Forks Archived Mirrors.

Select language. Nix 4 39 1 0 Updated Dec 16, C 9 25 0 0 Updated Nov 26, C 9 1 1 1 Updated Nov 23, Python 1 7 0 0 Updated Oct 16, C 3 8 0 0 Updated Sep 26, C 16 35 3 1 Updated Sep 18, C 15 15 1 0 Updated Sep 4, C 50 60 0 1 Updated Mar 23, C 12 29 0 2 Updated Feb 15, Previous 1 2 3 Next. Previous Next. Most used topics Loading…. You signed in with another tab or window.This Arduino program sketch allows an Arduino connected to a MinIMU-9 v5 or AltIMU v5 or older versions of those boards to function as an attitude and heading reference system, calculating estimated roll, pitch, and yaw angles from sensor readings that can be visualized with a 3D test program on a PC.

Print Email a friend Feeds. Physical operations are reduced to a skeleton crew, so for critical requirements, including fighting COVID, please contact us so we can identify priorities. Click here for more info. These are also included in the Pololu AVR Development Bundleso you do not need to download and install this if you have installed the bundle.

It also has drivers for Windows and build instructions. Many function calls to this library will be inlined and compiled down to just one or two assembly instructions. Pololu A-Star 32U4 drivers for Windows version 1. Balboa 32U4 Arduino library The Balboa32U4 library for the Arduino IDE helps interface with the on-board hardware on the Balboa 32U4 control board as well as the optional 5-channel reflectance sensor array for the Balboa.

Example Arduino code and Python code for the Raspberry Pi are included. A sample sketch is included with the library. Arduino library for the Pololu qik dual serial motor controllers This is a library for the Arduino that interfaces with the Pololu qik 2s9v1 and qik 2s12v10 dual serial motor controllers. It makes it easy to control two brushed DC motors with a simple serial interface. It makes it simple to configure the device and read the raw accelerometer and magnetometer data, and it has a function for computing the tilt-compensated heading for those looking to use the LSM as a tilt-compensated compass.

It makes it simple to configure the device and read the raw gyro data. Log In. Shop Blog Forum Support. Feedback Comments or questions?

pololu code

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